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Better for Health, for Studios, for Business, and for the Earth.

Better for Health

Germ and Odor Free Mats

Fresh Mat Vapor Steam™ cleans biofilm, dirt, sweat, and everything in between, leaving mats feeling and smelling like new.

How dirty are your mats?

Better for Studios

Simplify operations, increase profits, and improve customer experience

Simplify Operations

Fresh Mat delivers freshly cleaned, premium mats to your door. You no longer need to spend time preparing, washing, drying and rolling mats.

You’ll never again need to

• Purchase mat inventory, drying racks, or cleaning solution

• Use studio space for washing, rolling or hanging mats

• Coordinate and pay staff to collect, lay out, wash, dry, roll or re-merchandise mats

Fresh Mat gives your Customers Confidence

Fresh Mat gives your customers confidence their mats are free of viruses, fungus, bacteria, dirt and sweat.
Whether we like it or not, biofilm develops on mats. It’s how germs like HPV, strep, meningitis, ringworm and athlete’s foot fungus develop on mats.
Fresh Mat cleaning system destroys the biofilm. No more biofilm, no more germs.

Improved Customer Experience

Fresh Mat supports employee retention and morale by removing the obstacles that prevent them from focusing their energy on providing students with the best possible experience.

Students can Now Leave their Mats at Home with Confidence

No one loves carrying their yoga mat to class. We know most students only bring a mat of their own because they think it is cleaner or cheaper.

Fresh Mat gives Studios the ability to rent mats inexpensively. Students who know they will receive a premium, consistently fresh, clean mat when they visit your Studio are more likely to rent mats from your Studio.

It’s time to rethink mats 

Better for Business

Fresh Mat Can Help Make Your Studio More Profitable

No matter your studio’s size, Fresh Mat can help you increase profits. In a simple case study, studios that cleaned 30 or more mats daily, using Fresh Mat can improve your studio’s profitability by as much as $10,000 per year.

Studios don’t often view mats as a powerful source of revenue. Yet studios and fitness centers who work with Fresh Mat rent more yoga mats at a higher price point.

Studios have also found that students who own yoga mats still prefer to leave their mat at home if they are confident they can rent a clean, quality mat at their studio or fitness center.

It’s time for Fresh Mat

Better for the Earth

We Recycle  

When it is time to say goodbye to your mat, Fresh Mat recycles with the help of specialized recyclers. We never allow mats to go into landfills.

We Extend Mat Life

Mats are often retired when they begin to smell, not when they “wear out.” Fresh Mat technology extends mat life by keeping mats cleaner longer. Fresh Mat cleaning technology is better for mats compared to conventional cleaning techniques, only pure Fresh Mat Vapor Steam™.

We Never Use Chemicals

Fresh Mat Vapor Steam™ delivers clean mats without the use of chemicals. A small amount of water is heated to extreme temperatures that accelerates water molecules to high speeds to remove dirt and germs without damaging mat materials.

The Fresh Mat Promise

We provide premium mats, cleaned to a consistently high standard, so you can focus on making your Studio great, not making your mats clean.

The Fresh Mat Promise

We provide premium mats, cleaned to a consistently high standard, so you can focus on making your Studio great, not making your mats clean.